Test Environment Management_4-6years_Chennai

Role:Test Environment Manager

Location: Chennai
Experience: 4-6 years
Job description:
  • Required to determine, build, monitor and control these environments, ensuring they effectively support 
  • He will work in partnership with the Test Environments Management (TEM) team and adopt the same approaches, methods and processes etc as TEM. 
  • They are responsible for 

  1. ensuring the timely and constant availability of environments on a day to day basis to support Build activities; 
  2. determining, building, monitoring and controlling each environment’s software stack from bottom to top; 
  3. ensuring the content of each environment is known in detail and effectively controlled to ensure the integrity of the build & pre-SIT testing process; 
  4. ensuring the efficient and effective promotion of developed software; 
  5. management of software repositories; 
  6. ensuring the state and status of each DEV environment is reported accurately, clearly and completely; 
  7. drive the timely resolution of key issues and completion of key actions 
  8. ensure the timely escalation of issues and concerns. 
  9. manage developer access to environments 
  10. maintain known error database to track known environment constraints etc & mitigations
Contact Person: Vikram Mohandas