Tivoli professional| 10+ years| Pune


Job Description ITIM design and development

1. Product usage review - Review of how iPortal uses the ITIM & TDI product and guidance on product features and extensions that should be used.
2. Design of existing application features ((iPortal admin) considering ITIM product architecture/design, application customizations, operational and performance requirements.
3. Review of design performed by other team members.
4. Impact analysis of changes to the components and customizations for functional or technical changes
5. Deployment of artefacts on environments
6. Own the design and development of the application adaptors ( PKI, iPortal & BNET adapters)
7. Building and testing scripts to automate ITIM deployment
8. Analysis of production incidents and devising approach to fix and resolve data issues
9. Estimation for changes to aid sprint planning
10. Implementation planning for releases
11. Implementation support for releases on SIT, NFT, PROD envs
12. Interaction with IBM product team to clarify or resolve product issues 
13. Analyse and prepare data migration scripts for issues or releases



14. Approach for upgrading ITIM product considering the new product features and customizations in use by iPortal
15. Dev env setup

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