Websphere Admin - 6 to 10yrs - Bangalore

Short Description

WAS Admin , 7  to 10yrs - Bangalore

Job Responsibilities


Stop & Start Websphere Application Server instances 
Health check Status of Websphere Application Server Instances 
Raising PMR incident with vendor 
Websphere Binaries downloading 
Application deployments on Websphere Application server 
Configuration changes on websphere Application Server 
House keeping task for websphere Application Server environments 
Applying fixpack/Patches/feature Packs/interfixes on the websphere Environments 
Performance Monitoring of (Application URL, Application Servers using the IBM/thirdparty tools 
SSL Certificate management in WAS environments 
Investigation & Troubleshotting problems like Out of Memory,Slowness in Application 
Log monitoring on Websphere environment 
Installation of websphere software components 
Websphere Service description Documentation 
Websphere backup & recovery Management 
Closing security vulnerabilities. 
WebSphere build work to the client/vendor 
Application Server version upgrades 
Automation task