Windows Admin (AD) - 9 to 12 Years - Mumbai

Short Description

Windows Admin (AD)  - 9 to 12 Years - Mumbai


Job Responsibilities

Primary Skill. Windows OS Build & Support 2003 to 2012
Secondary Skill. Active Directory Build & Admin

Primary Skills: - Windows/ AD.

• Must have a strong background and detailed understanding of the Microsoft Active Directory, Organizational Units, Group Policy, Security Templates, the LDAP protocol and LDAP attributes
• Must have a strong background and detailed understanding of managing a Microsoft Active Directory Forest with Parent and Child Domains
• Must have a background in managing a Microsoft or other Certificate Authority
• Must have a background and understanding of how to implement a Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) system using Identity Management software integrated with Active Directory
• Must provide suggestion to strengthen the security posture of enterprise systems using Authentication, Authorization, and Audit (AAA) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services.
• Have the ability to manage enterprise user and elevated privilege accounts
• Documents all aspects of the new project or existing operations and disaster recovery
• Provides statistical reporting to illustrate enterprise security improvements.
• Must have worked on ADFS
• Participates in the creation, review and enforcement of security policy, procedures and documentation.
• Updates system contingency or disaster recovery plans.
• Conducts security system and documentation reviews for managed systems.
• Provides knowledge transfer to Team members
Secondary Skill: - VB Scripting

*Good Understanding of VB Scripting.
* Should able to prepare script in short notice as per requirement