ZOS Admin - 7 to 10yrs - Bangalore

Short Description

Zos Admin - 7 to 10yrs - Bangalore

Job Responsibilities

Primary Skill. mainframe Z/OS Administration & System Programming /
Secondary Skill. Mainframe Network /

· Minimum 8 years experience as a z/OS Systems Programmer. 
· Top level support experience troubleshooting, researching, and resolving complex issues. 
· Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines while managing multiple tasks 
· System builds (experience building IPL’able systems, setting up the sysres volumes and the base program products to bring up a system) 
· Ability to work independently and as a team player 
· Highly skilled with the standard MVS tools: TSO/ISPF, JCL, IBM Utilities, VSAM Utilities, ICF Catalog structure, SDSF, SMF, SYSLOG, etc. 
· Skilled with security package (ACF2 or RACF or Top Secret) 
· Excellent grasp of system internals and configuration 
· Proficient with SMP/E (commands, terminology, problem determination) 
· Proficient with Product Installation and maintenance 
· Experience coding and maintaining Assembler Exits (and or programs) 
· Experienced with REXX and CLIST programming 
· In depth understanding of the MVS subsystems, JES2, VTAM, TCP/IP, FTP, CA-1 (or equivalent), DASD Storage concepts and the command usage relating to these system components. 
· English skills: Verbal and Reading Comprehension 
· Experienced with Disaster Recovery (system backup and restore, DR plan creation and maintenance) 
· Client interface skills 
· Ability to perform due diligence in support of sales pursuits 
· In depth JCL knowledge 
· Batch Abend resolution 
o Problem determination 
o Message identification and lookup 
· MVS Problem Determination (identify, escalate and diagnosis) 
· MVS terminology & concepts: For example: Linklst, Apflist, Paging, Virtual storage, SMF 
· Understanding of system internals 
· SMP/E basics (commands, terminology, problem determination) 
· Product Installation 
· IBM Utilities 
· ICF Catalog structure 
· VSAM Utilities 
· Assembler (need to be able to look at code and dumps) 
· SDSF (output management) 
· System Console skills – understanding of what they’re seeing in syslog and what it means. Able to identify error messages and how to look up their meaning. 
· Hex numbering system 
· TSO/ISPF experience 
· Vendor interaction experience

Exp : 7 to 10yrs

Location : Bangalore



Abhijit Kokate