ZOS admin, Mumbai

ZOS admin, Mumbai.


System Administrator - zOS (Hermes);
Technologies to know:
Database : DB2 , DL1
Languages : JCL, PCL, CLIST, REXX, Shell
Websphere for DB2 (WAS)

Tools Used:
TWS (OPC) for planning Batches :
Know management of AD, OI, rule, calendar, and do on
Know what is and how work current plan, long term plan
Files transfer : CFT, SFTP and MQSERIES.
CORTEX : creation PCL for editor JCL.
Navigate to the ISPF screens.
Management database with appropriate tools like PLATINUM for DB2.

Deliverables to provide:
Planning batches include technical batches like save, reorganization of database
DATABASE (objects, SAVE, REORG…etc..)
Files transfers with different partners (others applications inside or external partners likes, Government administration, and so on)
When OK in preproduction, GO to production.
A work is necessary between current life team and us
For smaller version (without update database objects), not necessary a preproduction phase, changes made directly in production environment coordinating actions between current life team and us.