z/OS Administrator

Short Description

z/OS Administrator


Job Responsibilities

High level of expertise with z/OS mainframe environment 
Proven knowledge on configuring and maintaining DFSMS subsystem and its components 
Maintain Backup / Migration and Tape library policy 
Proven knowledge on usage of z/OS tools: IDCAMS, ICKDSF, RMM, CA1, TLMS 
Proven skills on 3rd-Party products for z/OS 
Good communications skills both written and verbal 
Ability to work on own initiative and also follow standard procedures 

Added Advantage - 

Knowledge on various system dumps and capture it on requirement basis 
Experience using REXX and CLIST languages within the IBM System Z environment 

Manage storage subsystems to ensure that sufficient space is available for application processing 
• Utilize disk storage resources in an efficient manner and continuously improve space utilization where possible and practical to do so 
• Archive infrequently used files according to standards established with customers to optimize disk storage 
• Manage DASD & TAPE library management system 
• Catalogue management 
• Control all aspects of storage, including initializing and assigning storage volumes to meet service levels 
• Following an approved Change Order, co-ordinate data migration as part of storage technology upgrades 
• Provide disaster recovery (business continuation) services for restoring data to a previous level within mutually-agreed time frames 
• Follow the technical recovery document and co-ordinate migration of system for disaster recovery tests and declarations 
• Execute, document and maintain backup procedures as per the requirement 
• Retain backups in accordance with the organization’s requirement 
• Assist and provide recommendations to all teams (technical, development and business) on dataset-level housekeeping and backup & restore procedures. 
• Ability to generate storage related reports (or metrics) as per management requirement 
• Provide 24x7 on-call support to maintain availability of storage subsystems and processes