Mudit Khemka

Intern at Capgemini India

     Worthwhile work, supportive work environment, compassionate and remarkable people are a few of the reasons why my first work experience had been such a delight and why the learning from those 2 months will never be forgotten.  

Project Name

Improving the Subcon Hiring process

Project Duration

2 months

Intern in Central Resource Management Group

Country                                              Location

India                                                    Mumbai 

Education level                                Experience level

PGDHRM                                        Student / Intern



Fun fact

I am a Formula One fanatic and a fan of The Beatles. Watching English movies and playing Table-Tennis are things I enjoy.

My life at Capgemini

Someone with no prior work experience, working at Capgemini was the best experience I could have had. Having a congenial environment, I was given the freedom to work on my project the way I wanted and at each step I had someone to guide me. I got to interact with highly experienced professionals and hence was able to grow my network to a great extent.
Getting to know the culture, be it addressing seniors by their first names or having a light conversation with them had been the high point. I always felt comfortable working there and never hesitated to approach anyone in case of any problems. 

My usual work day at Capgemini

My day started at 9 am when I reached office. It began with a 20 minute breakfast post which I began my work by looking at activities I did on the previous day and then accordingly planned the activities for the day. After working till 12.30 pm, I would go for lunch post which I would hang out with the other interns to have some general discussion. I would resume my work at 1.30 pm and next take a coffee break for 15-20 minutes. After I have completed the list of planned activities, I updated my mentor about the same. Then, I would record my activities for the day and would finally wrap up my work.

My personal life

Being new to Mumbai, I usually ended exploring new places that were recommended to me by my friends. Along with this, since I have always been fond of theatre and dramatics, when I finally got a chance to witness the same, I made sure I didn’t miss out on the opportunity. Comedy Circus was another fascinating discovery that I made during my stay.
The major highlight of my stay in Mumbai was the fact that I was very close to the Chowpatty beach.  While returning from the office, I would sit for an hour on the beach on a regular basis and the calmness it provided was something I needed after a day’s hard work.