Shraddha Surendra

   Intern at Capgemini India


      An enriching learning experience with the right corporate exposure.  


Project Name

  1. Creating a skill directory for SAP Niche Skills

  2. Comparative analysis of the career pages of organizations across industries and recommendations to improve the Capgemini India Career page

Project Duration

2 months


Intern in Recruitment (Human Resources)

Country                                              Location

India                                                    Mumbai 

Education level                                Experience level

Master's degree                              Student / Intern



Fun fact

Fun facts - Since I am petite, am often referred to as “theeki  mirchi” in my group—A live wire and a great team player.
Likes: Dancing, yoga, seafood, reading, music, television
Dislikes: Milk, studying subjects outside my area of interest
Personal Achievement: Visited 28 countries

My life at Capgemini

I have had a very memorable two months at Capgemini. During this period, I got the opportunity to interact with various people across verticals. The people at Capgemini are very warm and more than happy to help interns even if it means that they have to take some time out of their work schedule.
The kind of freedom given to explore beyond the scope of the project was very challenging, yet rewarding. 

My usual work day at Capgemini

At Capgemini, I started my day earlier than many of my co-interns as I had to take a long ride to get me from home to office. I travelled by the local buses in Mumbai—better known as BEST—spending the hour-long ride reading a novel  or enjoying music. Sometimes, I used to just sleep during the ride. Typically, I used to kick start my day at work with a cup of coffee, follow it with checking of emails and then start with the project work. My mentor used to check on me once a day to ensure that I was comfortable with the proceedings. Lunch with co-interns was the time we got to know one another well. After lunch, I would generally get appointments with superiors to get their take on the project and the way work was progressing on it. Often, coffee breaks with colleagues featured in the daily schedule too.

My personal life

Being with friends is something I like the most and end up doing during weekends. I thoroughly enjoy shopping! I mostly engage in window shopping, but when something catches my eye and gets to me, I go for it.
I am used to taking decisions of my own and have always gotten my way around with people who matter in my life.
Like I mentioned earlier, I am an avid traveler. Whenever given the time and opportunity, I travel. Till date, my travel score is 28 countries, and I am still counting!