Swapnil Gondane

   Intern at Capgemini India


     Far and away, the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.                                                      - Theodore Roosevelt   


Project Name

Regulatory Reporting Framework for European Banks

Project Duration

2 months

Intern in Business Intelligence, Risk Management

Country                                              Location

India                                                     Pune 

Education level                                Experience level

Master's degree                              Student / Intern



Fun fact

I sing very well when I am alone.  I am a big fan of cartoons.

My life at Capgemini

My summer internship at Capgemini turned out to be the most pleasant two months of my life. I found Capgemini to be a friendly and fun place to work. The organization’s culture is very open. I got an opportunity to work with and meet higher-level officials of the organization. I received a lot of help and support not only from the reporting manager but also from the other employees working on the project. The internship proved to be a great learning experience.

My usual work day at Capgemini

My day in Capgemini usually started with breakfast in the cafeteria. My first task in the morning was to check my emails, plan the task for the day and report to the manager. I used to have lunch with my colleagues from other colleges, who were working on the same project. At the lunch table, we discussed a wide range of topics. In the afternoon, I usually got all my doubts cleared from the reporting manager. The days ended with the presentation of the day’s work to the reporting manager.

My personal life

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like to travel to different places..