Work Life Balance

At Capgemini India, we work hard but also pay attention to the right balance between professional and private life. Our approach to maintaining work-life balance also emphasizes team spirit and fun.

See what our colleagues have to say about their Life at Capgemini and how they strike the correct Work Life balance.

Madhura Jadhav - On a shooting spree!

On the shooting range she stands confidently with a pistol in hand, all set to take the perfect aim; while on her work desk, she is seen writing programs for Cloud Salesforce Development.

We are talking about Madhura Jadhav from the Enterprise Cloud Services team at Capgemini India, who recently bagged a Gold Medal at the state-level open Rifle & Pistol Shooting Championship at one of the cutural festivals in Mumbai. With an incredible score of 346/400 points, she has qualified to be a part of the Maharashtra Elite shooting team, thereby represent the state at the national level! 

Right from childhood India’s ace shooter Anjali Bhagwat and Abhinav Bindra have been Madhura’s role models. However, when Madhura set out to try her hand at shooting, she was left dejected as there were no shooting ranges close to her home. A few years later, a shooting range opened close to her housing complex, and she got the golden opportunity to pursue her childhood passion. 

“Before the training started I had to select between rifle and pistol shooting. When I saw a pistol for the very first time, I found it more fascinating and challenging than a rifle and I decided to pursue pistol shooting”, says Madhura entirely convinced that she had made the right decision. 

Since then, most of her weekends are spent in the shooting range, polishing her skills and getting equipped with the latest trends of the sport. In future, she aspires to represent India at an international level. “Shooting requires immense accuracy and focus, but at the same time it imbibes self discipline and punctuality. It’s a lifetime sport and anybody willing to try one's hand, must visit a nearby shooting range at the earliest,” quips Madhura.
There have been times when her score was not up to expectation, but the immense love and support extended by her family and friends motivated her constantly.

On the professional front, Madhura joined Capgemini in January 2014 after completing her graduation in engineering from the University of Mumbai. 

Sagar Kamuni - The Ace Marathon Runner

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” These words of world famous American basketball player Michael Jordan prove to be the most apt for Sagar Kamuni, a self-motivated marathon runner.  

Sagar joined Capgemini in 2011 and presently works as a SharePoint Admin at Capgemini India. He is extremely passionate about running and recently completed the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) 2015.

According to Sagar, every marathon is an amazing experience in itself and marathons in Mumbai are even more special as thousands of Mumbaikars along with skilled international athletes gather to celebrate the spirit of running! “Meeting old buddies and new people at the start-line, the enthusiastic audience cheering the participants, the media and celebrity frenzy, the cramps, aches and pain, and unknown co-runners egging you to complete the race - it’s just amazing” he says. Sagar completed the 42-kilometer run (CST-Bandra-CST) in spite of a thigh injury resurfacing after four kilometers. “On seeing my medal and certificate, the pain just vanished” he smiles. His most memorable moment was at SCMM 2014 when just before crossing the finishing line, a little girl handed over the Indian national flag to him. “This memory always remains fresh in my heart,” he adds. 

Sagar has completed quite a few marathons such as SCMM 2013 and 2014 (Half); Running & Living Monsoon Marathon 2014 (Half); Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2014 (Full) and Vasai-Virar Mayors Marathon 2014 (Half). His dream now is to accomplish the Comrades Marathon in South Africa (89km), the biggest of all marathons.

Sagar strikes his work-life balance firmly as running and gym sessions are sources of fun for him. He works out in the gym every day in the morning and then comes to work. At least twice a week, he runs for minimum 45 minutes in the morning when not exercising. According to Sagar, not having enough time is just an excuse. “It certainly takes some time to adjust with the schedule, but if you are determined enough then there is no stop,” He says. “I would also like to stress here that my career and family are equally important for me,” he adds.

Sagar believes in mixing weight trainings with outdoor running. Having a right goal, consistency and the right gear is key for any runner according to him. More importantly, he believes in listening to his body and not pushing it after a certain limit as that may cause an injury. In the end, all he has to say is “Don’t wait… get set go!”

Mouhamed Moustapha

Mouhamed Moustapha, part of the Capgemini Business Services, Chennai, bagged the prestigious Nat Geo Moment 2014 Award, sponsored by the National Geographic channel. Out of the nearly 75,000 entries received from all over India, it was Mouhamed’s click that surpassed the stiff competition and won him the coveted prize. With this recognition, he also got a chance to be a photo blogger for one of the Channel’s assignments, capture behind-the-scene moments which will then be published on the Channel’s website. 


Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar made two entries in one of the renowned world record books, Limca Book of Records. He biked through the country, east to west and north to south in record time. It is a distinctive achievement as no other Indian has made both the records by biking across the country.
Manish Kumar made records in two categories:

  • Fastest East to West India Two Wheeler Expedition (115 Hours)
  • Fastest North to South India Two Wheeler Expedition (97.5 Hours).

 The previous records were of 119 Hours and 102 Hours respectively.
 By ‘Fastest’ in the title of these records, one would be thinking that it is all about speed/racing; but actually it is not so. These are “Endurance Rides” and these require proper planning with regard to the terrain, roads of India, climate, safety riding gears, contingency planning, risk mitigation plan and last but not least is to ‘Know one’s limits’.

Manish's journey had been covered by the Indian media as well. To read his article that featured in the Times of India, Click here.