Meet the teams | Team Heracles

Meet the Final 3 teams of Agon 3.0 who will fight for the ultimate cash bounty at the Finals in Mumbai on 30th October, 2015!

Team Heracles

1. Why this team name?
Since 'Agon' refers to an epic contest of skills and strength, who but better than the Greek mythical legend Heracles to stake his claim on the trophy. Though popular as a figure of great strength and courage, Heracles is also revered for his ingenuity and wit. Our team name is an ode to this legend and strives to emulate his qualities bringing to the grand stage of Agon a mix of dedication, passion and ingenuity.


2. Why do you want to win Agon 2015?
Capgemini Agon being one of the most prominent events in the Indian B-School circuit, attracts the best minds across campuses. Being selected as one of the three national finalists is a great feeling in itself. Additionally the opportunity to present our solution to industry leaders and being adjudged as the standout idea would be a grand culmination of the Agon journey of us.


3. What are you hoping to encounter at the Agon finale?
The Agon finale is the crescendo of our efforts and our team will be ready to put its best foot forward. We expect an exciting competitive finale and memories to cherish for lifetime.


4. Any message for the competitor teams?
We congratulate the teams on being amongst the select three and wish them very best. May the best team win.


 5. About us: 

Member Name: Rohit Prakash
Background:  - Two years of experience in Power sector with Reliance ADA Group. A movie buff and passionate about Indian music.
Your mantra for success: Dedicate yourself 100% to the task at hand & never chew more that you can eat.
Idol, if any: Mahindra Singh Dhoni
Your favorite:

  • TV show : Friends, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai
  • Sports Team : Chennai Super Kings
  • Holiday destination : Seychelles
  • Movie : Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 

Member Name: Ramnath Prabhu
Background:  -I have 3.5 years IT experience in TCS. An enthusiastic in politics and current affairs.
Your mantra for success: - Jeet ka Mantra Hai: Take it easy policy.
Idol, if any: - Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Your favorite:

  • TV show : The Week That Wasn't(CNN-IBN)
  • Sports Team : South African Cricket Team 
  • Holiday destination : My home(since I have been staying away since graduation)
  • Movie : Godfather – I

Member Name: Ujwal Datta
Background: - An IT engineer with interests in quizzing, football, movies and music.
Your mantra for success: - Nothing is unattainable if one sets his or her mind upon it.
Idol, if any: - Lionel Messi
Your favorite:

  • TV show : True Detective, House of Cards
  • Sports Team : FC Barcelona
  • Holiday destination : New Zealand
  • Movie : Scent of a woman

Member Name: Krishnadev Kashid
Background: - An ex-employee of HSBC Global Technology. Sports enthusiast and a fun loving person.
Your mantra for success: - Efforts are more important than results.
Idol, if any: - APJ Abdul Kalam
Your favorite:

  • TV show : Prison Break
  • Sports Team : U Mumba
  • Holiday destination : Mauritius
  • Movie : The Imitation Game