Meet the teams | The Masterchefs

Meet the Final 3 teams of Agon 3.0 who will fight for the ultimate cash bounty at the Finals in Mumbai on 30th October, 2015!

The Masterchefs

1. Why this team name?
A Masterchef is someone who can turn unseasoned ingredients into delightful and mouth-watering cuisines. As ‘The Masterchefs’, we aspire to transform all inputs available to us in the form of ideas into delectable solutions to ensure that our clients keep coming back for more.

The Masterchefs - Agon 2015 finalists


2. Why do you want to win Agon 2015?
As The Masterchefs we always aim for perfection in whatever we do. Winning in Agon 2015 is going to be the cherry on the cake.


3. What are you hoping to encounter at the Agon finale?
At the Agon finale we hope to witness a grand feast with the finest ideas served on a platter. But beware! The connoisseurs are looking for the perfect blend of practicality and feasibility of solutions garnished with innovation.


4. Any message for the competitor teams?
“Anyone can cook” -- as per Chef Gustav from Ratatouille. However, it takes a MasterChef to become a culinary artist.


5. About us: 

Member Name: Anirban Pramanick
Background: I completed my Dual Degree in Electronics from IIT Kharagpur in 2012 post which I worked as a software developer with PayPal for two years. At IIM Indore I am currently heading the Industry Interaction Cell. I am interested in financial markets, technology, solving puzzles, playing the guitar.
Your mantra for success: Break a problem into well-defined goals/milestones and strive hard to achieve them.
Idol if any: Jimmy Page
Your favourite:

  • TV show: Friends
  • Sports Team: Indian cricket team that went to Australia in 2003
  • Holiday destination: Bruges, Belgium
  • Movie: The inglorious basterds

Member Name: Pulkit Jain
Background: A computer engineer with one year of experience in PayPal as a software developer. Currently a part of IT consulting and Data analytics club of IIM Indore; Finance enthusiast; A hardworking and a passionate person with an innovative mind. Loves swimming, soft music and travelling.
Your mantra for success: If you want heaven, Be ready to die..!!!
Idol if any: Elon Musk
Your favourite:

  • TV show: Friends
  • Sports Team: Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Holiday destination: Austria, Netherlands
  • Movie: Jab We Met

Member Name: Ramya V
Background: I am a commerce graduate with 19 months of experience in Human Capital Tax Consulting at Ernst & Young. At IIM Indore, I am a senior member of the Industry Interaction Cell. I enjoy reading English classics and am interested in finance and business consulting.
Your mantra for success: Grab every opportunity that forces you to step out of your comfort zone.
Idol if any: Oprah Winfrey
Your favourite:

  • TV show: Sherlock
  • Sports Team: None
  • Holiday destination: Bali, Indonesia
  • Movie: My fair lady

Member Name: Sidharth Mahajan
Background: I did my graduation in Electronics engineering from ISM Dhanbad in 2012 and after that I worked with Samsung Electronics for 2 years, before joining IIM Indore. I am interested in business consulting, finance, and like travelling & dancing.
Your mantra for success: Perseverance, the only difference between failure and success is that one last attempt.
Idol if any: Sharukh Khan
Your favourite:

  • TV show: Games of Thrones
  • Sports Team: Indian cricket team 2011
  • Holiday destination: Greece
  • Movie: The Dark Knight Trilogy