Business Cloud Strategy

Drive innovation and increase your business agility: Business Cloud Strategy ensures your business is ready to maximize the benefits of cloud transformation.

Understanding your position and potential

In nearly every sector, the Cloud is at the center of many long-term business strategies. For many enterprises, leveraging the Cloud can help to:
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve business and IT performance
  • Create new business models
To be strategic, companies need to evaluate their current position on the Cloud and identify how to maximize the benefits it offers.

Maximize your Cloud Strategy

Business Cloud Strategy is an advisory service that uses robust assessments to determine how your business priorities can be served by leveraging cloud technologies.

Our services span the four main phases of cloud transformation:
  • Strategy: establish links between long-term business goals and your cloud strategy
  • Readiness: pinpoint areas of maturity and areas that require changes 
  • Enablement: exploit opportunities to drive innovation, agility and differentiation
  • Assurance: deliver on business ambitions with speed and predictability, and without compromising reputation or incurring undue risk

  • Increased value and agility 
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased standardization
  • Risk identification
  • Consolidation and simplification

Delivering robust cloud strategies

We have more than a decade of experience in developing robust cloud strategies, which has enabled us to deliver significant business value to clients across a variety of sectors.

Business Cloud Strategy has provided the following results:
  • $12 million in cost savings over three years for a client in the financial sector 
  • $6 million in cost savings for a client in the oil and gas industry

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