Communications Transformation Platform

In today’s cutthroat market, established telecom, media and entertainment (TME) players are losing share to aggressive new players. Capgemini’s Communications Transformation Platform (CTP) can help you adapt to stay ahead.

​Business Transformation Done Right

Our Communication Transformation Platform (CTP) is an integrated program of systems and processes that gives your company the means to worry less about legacy systems and greater freedom to concentrate on your future direction.

Combining pre-packaged systems and applications with proven best-practice processes, CTP is designed for three different scenarios:
  • End-to-end transformation (whole solution): For the total overhaul of a company’s infrastructure, this option is well suited for situations like new market expansion, or merger and acquisition activity
  • Evolutionary transformation (partial solution): This option allows companies to take a measured approach to execution, and is particularly useful for larger companies with hundreds of dependent legacy systems
  • Modular transformation (single applications): Even limited CTP can accelerate your competitive capabilities by transforming one or two functions at a time. For example, this would be suitable if you needed to rapidly focus on your customer relationship management

A Tailored Approach to Transformation

Capgemini’s CTP approach stands out from competitor solutions for the following features:
  • Flexibility: The solution provides a head start for end-to-end, evolutionary and modular transformations
  • Proven architecture: All functional applications work together in a cohesive fashion
  • Best-in-class applications: A focus on commercial off-the-shelf products for greater reuse with minimal bespoke adaptations
  • Industrial strength: Our business processes, packaged systems, methodology and tools are built with agility and robustness in mind

Capgemini Gives You the Advantage

Few companies can afford to play a passive role in this rapidly evolving market. By partnering with Capgemini, TME companies can take advantage of our deep industry experience and global delivery platform to ensure optimal transformation results.

We have telecom-specific delivery centers in the US, Europe and India, and experience deploying large, complex technology solutions. In addition, with our business consulting capabilities, you can benefit from real transformation at minimized risk.
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