Communiquer 2014

  • August 8, 2014
  • Kolkata, India
  • Swissotel Kolkata, City Centre, New Town | Action Area 2D | Plot No. 11/5 | New Town, Rajarhat | Kolkata - 700 15 | event map

Business Transformation Enabling Customer Engagement

Topics for Panel Discussion & Expert Interaction are:

  1. Panel Discussion – “IT Trends in the Changing Business Landscape”

    The panel will discuss the needs of social, analytical and communicative era and how the products and services developed by IT & ITES organizations are being transformed in accordance with these shifting market trends. Discussions will focus on technology changes and its subsequent impact on organizational strategy for adequate decision-making.  Paradigm shift in organizations for alignment with these strategic objectives through Transformation programs with focus on Service Delivery ( launch of enhanced delivery models, process improvements, Measurement & KPI programs, tools, automation, etc) and People Management ( Capability assessment, Trainings, Leadership, etc) are evident in Industry.

  2. Talking Point: “Is Customer Behaviour driving IT or vice-versa?”

    In today’s scenario, IT Suppliers need to analyze vital business patterns of customers and work towards service offerings & optimizing deliverables for maximizing returns.  
    With these changing models, customers expect IT & ITES companies to provide solutions that leverage on Industry best practices and address growth in their top-line and bottom line. Uniqueness of this session lies in an interesting & thought-provoking debate by two competent groups with their viewpoints on respective topics.

Mitta Rout

Vice President, Corporate Head - Process Innovation & Excellence at Capgemini India
IT trends in the changing Business Landscape
August 8, 2014

Somnath Chatterjee

Senior Vice President, Capgemini
Talking Point: Is customer behavior driving IT or IT driving customer behavior?
August 8, 2014
In today’s dynamic business environment, organizational transformation through acceptance of new technologies & trends is the mantra for success & growth.  Organizations are expected to be equipped well in understanding industry trends and thereby managing the  changing expectations from clients.  Industrialization through best practices & accomplishments  yield tangible improvement initiatives that catalyze organization’s growth ahead of peer competition.
Capgemini India’s Process Consultancy Group (i.e. CATALYST) has effectively conducted Communiquér events across South & West zones i.e. at Bangalore  and Pune respectively since last  3 years, which was well-attended by more than 200 companies.  COMMUNIQUER event provided a brilliant platform for Senior management, Delivery Managers and QA professionals from diverse organizations to congregate, communicate and contribute with their experiences on process improvements for meeting organizational needs.

Riding high on our earlier accomplishment, we are delighted to announce our upcoming Communiquér 2014 event for the first time in Eastern Zone at Kolkata.

At Capgemini’s Communiquer 2014, you can:

  • Identify the emerging trends in IT/ITES Industry with focus on social, analytical & communicative era
  • Receive expert advice for  embarking on a Business transformation journey to enable Customer Engagement
  • Discover the most recent trends and industry best practices by networking with your peers and industry experts
Agenda Items Timing (HRS.)
Registration 09.00 to 09.45
Inauguration & Welcome Address 09.45 to 10.00
Panel Discussion - IT trends in the changing Business Landscape 10.00 to 11.00
Experts Connect Zone Visit (& Tea Break) 11.00 to 11.30
Process Optimization for effective delivery (Lean Six Sigma) - A Capgemini Case Study 11.30 to 11.50
Implementation of Integrated ISO Standards for meeting Business Expectations- A Capgemini Case Study 11.50 to 12.10
Talking Point - Is Customer Behavior driving IT or vice versa? 12.15 to 13.00
Vote of thanks 13.00 to 13.15
Lunch & Networking 13.15 to 14.00

About the event:

Communiquer 2014,  a half a day conference on “Business Transformation Enabling Customer Engagement” will be held on 8th August 2014, Friday, at Kolkata followed by a networking lunch.
With  theme of the session being “CONNECT INNOVATE RESONATE” vital  focus will be on listening & understanding organizational synergies in IT/ITeS through improvements achieved by leveraging Industry Best Practices coupled with Process set-up and transformation programs. 


  • Understand and expose your organization to the latest Industry trends and upcoming Opportunities 
  • Experience the power of Process Excellence in increasing value to the customer through real life examples
  • Collaborate and share your challenges in a wider forum of Experts from the Industry
  • Listen, understand and engage with professionals who have worked with global clients in driving their transformation and solving process, quality and service delivery issues.

 Key Take away from the Event

  • Share and learn the latest  trends and best practices in IT and ITeS Industry
  • Get enabled to begin a journey of business transformation for enhanced customer experience
  • Understand which process approach and methodologies are more useful in  your business environment for customer engagement
  • Network with your peers, industry experts and leverage on their insight to launch your improvement and transformation journey.

Who should attend:

The event is for Senior Management, Delivery Managers, Quality and Process Improvement professionals who are key decision makers and Implementers of Process Excellence& Transformation programs to meet customer expectations and manage competitiveness.

About Us:

Capgemini’s Trans-Quality Services Team (CATALYST) enable organizations drive Process Excellence and Business Transformation through collaboration and strategic guidance & assist them in their journey of continuous process improvement.
The CATALYST team brings in a perfect blend of practitioner’s experience and a consultant’s expertise having handheld organizations in rolling Process Oriented Solutions.