Enterprise Gamification

The best transformation is people-shaped – are you using the most relevant techniques to achieve behavioral and performance change?

Enterprise Gamification: Playing to Win

Why use Enterprise Gamification?

When it comes to implementing change programs, most businesses focus on deployment rather than adoption. Capgemini understands that effective transformation focuses on people, not processes.
But 50% of companies fail to achieve a necessary change because they are unable to convey the importance of this to their employees.

We believe that Enterprise Gamification is the answer.

Our approach using Enterprise Gamification

Enterprise Gamification is the application of game thinking into real world tasks, in order to engage employees, and ultimately drive performance change. Game elements are used to reward specific user behaviors in business environments in an entertaining way.

Capgemini takes an enterprise-wide, multi-functional approach to gamification service delivery, using our five-step methodology, from identifying the target areas and improvement, audience analysis, game design, for implementation and evaluation.

We have seen that organizations have started to recognize the value of enterprise gamification to positively influence behavior and deliver the following benefits driving accelerated outcomes including:
  • Accelerated realization of business outcomes 
  • Reduction in the costs of change
  • Improved employee engagement, productivity and retention
  • Enriched employee loyalty, creating brand advocates; when both employees and customers are engaged, a 240% boost in business performance can be achieved.

A Powerful Tool

We take an enterprise-wide, multi-functional approach to gamification service delivery. Our five-step methodology comprises of:
  • Purpose: Identify business need and target areas for implementation.  
  • Analysis: Undertake behavioral analysis of target user groups and assess barriers to change and existing technology environment 
  • Design: Establish tools to be used such as social networking, instant messaging, video-on-demand, blogs and wikis, plus dashboards, competitions, reward points etc.
  • Implement: Roll out the agreed Design into the business 
  • Evaluate: Obtain feedback from key stakeholders and capture learning to sustain new behaviors or further game design.


The Results

Through our experience of working with clients and with our own teams, we know that gamification can be a key driver of successful transformation – even within communities with a diverse demographic & geographic spread: 
  • There was a 90% take-up and participation in initiatives using Capgemini gamification techniques
  • In one project, 117 new app concepts were developed, a significant increase compared to 23 from previous innovation session
  • Employees responded positively to greater collaboration, engagement and sharing.
In all, the outcomes of accelerated and sustained behavioral changes have helped to make business transformation "stick."

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Enterprises need to change their mindsets, behavior and culture; empower your employees, and they will deliver true and lasting business value.

Download our Point of View Enterprise Gamification: Playing to win which outlines how to use gaming techniques to engage employees and accelerate the achievement of business outcomes.

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