Digital Transformation for Welfare and Employment Agencies

Welfare and employment agencies worldwide are facing significant challenges, from aging populations and a move to digital engagement, to policy reform and growing demand for welfare payments. In developed countries, long-established social welfare systems are under strain and often no longer fit for purpose. Emerging countries are seeking to harness economic growth to bring social development and reduce inequality.

EnablesWel - Enabling Welfare Transformation

Delivering the digital citizen journey and streamlining internal processing

Handling millions of citizen interactions each day and facing significant citizen demands for increased responsiveness, flexibility and improved efficiency, leading agencies are using digital to: improve the end-to-end citizen experience across the welfare lifecycle and make benefit provision and process management more efficient.

To achieve this and deliver the digital citizen journey, welfare and employment agencies must:
  • Simplify interaction with their citizens
  • Use data and insight more effectively
  • Adopt new approaches that improve efficiency, prevent fraud and control costs



Enabling the digital journey in welfare

Our deep understanding of the current challenges facing welfare agencies comes from our global experience supporting digital transformations that have revolutionized services and improved efficiency.

The Capgemini EnablesWel solution gives you the tools and support you need to:
  • Embrace citizen service effectiveness through transformed front office processes
  • Manage changing social benefit processes, with lower costs and improved process efficiency at every step
EnablesWel provides ready-to-use assets and automation of repeatable processes, enabling you to settle 95-98% of all regular claims without manual input.


Using digital to transform the citizen experience

With EnablesWel supporting your digital transformation, you will benefit from: 
  • A highly scalable and dynamic response to changing welfare administration volumes
  • A future ready solution with the flexibility to scale up without increasing internal manpower
  • The ability to handle more real-time error free transactions without additional cost
  • Rapid and iterative deployment of services and components

Digital Transformation Insight

Read the results of our three-year study into the impact of digital in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Getting Results

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