The Power of Applied Innovation


How Eneco and Capgemini are transforming the energy sector.


Find out how a collaborative effort with Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange and its Scout and Select-as-a-Service (SSaaS) is helping Eneco become a key player in the future of energy.

The move to all things digital

The global energy sector is undergoing rapid digitalization with a focus on smart buildings and smart devices. Changes in energy markets, a growing need to be more sustainable along with the impact of new technology including the Internet of Things, are forcing energy suppliers to become more service-oriented and innovative. Energy provider, Eneco is at the forefront of this move to smart and sustainable energy services.

Being smart about innovation

To remain ahead of the competition, Eneco initiated an organization-wide transformation with a more concentrated focus on innovation. This full reinvention was recently recognized by Forrester and IDC, who have detailed Eneco’s successful transformation in a Forrester Case Study and IDC Energy Insights Webinar.

But to enable and harness innovation is more easily said than done. Eneco is continuing improve on its applied innovation capabilities with Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange and Scout and Select-as-a-Service (SSaaS) as detailed in this client success story.

A very bright future

Eneco has successfully reinvented the way it conducts business and enables innovation. Recently, Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange and Scout and Select-as-a-Service (SSaaS) coupled with Eneco’s new Innovation and Ventures business unit have further increased the company’s applied innovation capabilities. The future is now very bright for Eneco as it is well equipped to continue setting the pace within the energy sector.


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