Enterprise Risk Dashboard

Integrated control console for risk, compliance, and financial managers lets firms monitor risks in real-time.

For effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), firms need a clear understanding of their complete risk exposure—and the impact of that exposure on stock price valuations. Based on Sigma Map™, Capgemini’s ERD displays the status of market, credit or operational risk components so bankers can integrate reference and market data to the portfolio; define the risk return tradeoffs using KRI’s and drill down to identify to the underlying data to discover causes of changes and take action in real time. We can help your firm develop these dashboards using your own data in an environment hosted by Capgemini or your own organization.

Sigma Map™ In Action: Dashboard and Reporting

1. Uses best in class KPI’s to manage risk

2. Provides a holistic view of all risk types faced by the institution

3. Allows drill downs to identify hot spots

4. Integrates reference and market data benchmark performance

5. Custom and automated alerts to focus on problem areas

6. Data quality integrated with decision making

7. Forward looking measures shown side by side with historical performance

ERM dashboard

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