Risk, Regulation and Compliance

Turn today’s regulatory environment into opportunity. Capgemini’s comprehensive risk, regulation, and compliance solutions help firms analyze, implement, and refine risk management processes and applications across all business lines to gain more accurate and reliable compliance, risk assessment, and forecasting.

Challenges today

The regulatory environment today is increasingly challenging. The enormous increase in both the number and complexity of regulations has significantly increased both the cost and effort required by financial services firms to comply. Failure to comply properly can result in heavy fines that impact both your bottom line and your reputation in the marketplace.


Capgemini can help you turn today’s regulatory environment into opportunity. Our approach to risk management provides succinct qualitative and quantifiable understanding of risk. We assess risk management frameworks for our clients, identify gaps, and ensure that your program plans and regulatory needs are aligned. Then we help you analyze, implement, and refine your risk management processes and applications across all business lines. The result is more accurate and reliable compliance, risk assessment, and forecasting, which can improve your profitability and reduce time to market.

Our risk management services focus on the following areas:

  • Regulatory compliance assessment
  • Predictive modeling
  • Model validation
  • Loss forecasting
  • Stress testing
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Risk appetite
  • Vendor alliances
  • Fraud detection
  • Industry and competitor benchmarking for risk issues

Experience where it counts

Our extensive experience and deep business knowledge have allowed us to build proprietary tools, accelerators, and templates that help financial services firms enhance their risk and compliance initiatives. We have also built valuable relationships with banking industry leaders on an international scale. This uniquely positions Capgemini to guide clients as they identify, manage, monitor and report on risks. Some of our experience includes:

  • Multi-year end to end Basel II/III assessment for a large Canadian bank with U.S. operations
  • Over four years of experience assisting numerous banks in compliance with the CCAR regulations
  • Model risk management including model development, validation, reporting and use for mid-tier banks
  • Fraud transactions analytics for numerous European banks
  • Collaboration with external technology vendors in risk platform implementation

Get started today!

Our business-driven and domain-centric approach, supported by a deep understanding of leading-edge technologies, provides truly differentiating performance for information excellence.

To learn more on our offerings, contact us at businessinfo@capgemini.com.