Fusion Middleware and Service-Oriented Architecture

To stay competitive in today’s business environment, organizations must increase their technological agility and decrease operational costs. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) can play a vital role towards achieving these objectives. For smart companies looking to gain competitive advantage through SOA, the Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a solid head start.

Introducing the Capgemini Oracle Fusion Experience Lab

The Capgemini Oracle Fusion Experience (COFE)

The Capgemini-Oracle-Fusion-Experience (COFE) Lab combines our industry experience and SOA delivery capabilities with those of Oracle Corporation and selected hardware network providers.

Organizations can access the full knowledge, experience and capabilities of the COFE Lab through our Complete-Optimization-Roadmap-to-Excellence (CORE) Business & IT Strategy Solution.

CORE Benefits

Companies can use CORE to:

  • Draw on existing application investments
  • Improve business process efficiency
  • Work smarter in everyday business transactions
  • Adapt more quickly to market changes and competition
  • Plan effectively for innovative, flexible growth

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini works with you to develop end-to-end business and application architectures and route maps. Tailored to your business needs, our offer includes a governance structure and the means to measure and report on the progress of the implementation.

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