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Learn how to apply innovation at the right speed and scale in a secure and sustainable manner with Capgemini.

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Applying innovation at speed and scale, safely and with certainty, and becoming proficient at doing so are the new market realities. Now is the time to learn a new way of thinking and working.
What is AIE?

What is AIE?

Applied innovation changes everything.

Discover more on Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange and its flagship location in San Francisco.

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Design to Disrupt

It’s now more than just survival of the digital fittest.

Learn how to you can innovate in the face of digital disruption.

Fahrenheit 212 joins Capgemini

Capgemini acquires the innovation and design consultancy firm.

Fahrenheit 212 will help drive Capgemini’s North American growth through digital innovation offerings.

AIE Explained

The Applied Innovation Exchange is Capgemini’s global platform designed to enable enterprises to discover relevant innovations; to contextualize and experiment with them within the specific industry.
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The AIE leverages a framework for action, a network of exchange locations, and a high performance engagement experience with a global curated ecosystem to proactively plan for shifts in technology.


The AIE Framework adds structure to the innovation process and helps instruct people on how to apply the latest methodologies and tools.

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Global Exchange Network

The cohesive network of global exchanges provides a transformative environment for the discovery, testing and application of innovation. 

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The Ecosystem ranges from startups and academics to the largest technology providers, which ensures an accelerated path to applied innovation.

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Success Stories

Discover how we are innovating with our clients and partners.

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Capgemini and Eneco Group join forces to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

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Capgemini innovated with Intel to develop the Smart Digital Store framework.

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Capgemini teams up with Heathrow Airport to develop the latest in air travel innovations.

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