Role of Machine Intelligence in Accelerating Automation

Business environments are fiercely competitive today than they were a couple of decades ago.  Organizations not only have to keep themselves abreast with the ever-changing technology landscape but also maneuver rapidly through this change and orchestrating themselves as competitive business partners.

The advent of Cognitive Automation technologies (that rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence or machine learning) are enabling many dynamic organizations with this disruptive transformation.

Capgemini’s newest guide, Role of Machine Intelligence in Accelerating Automation, featuring Gartner research, When Smart Things Rule the World – Introducing Autonomous Business provides valuable insights into the latest business and technology trends that are fronting massive advancements in the automation space. Capgemini’s contribution in this exciting field relies heavily on the Automation Drive – designed to offer services based on such automation technologies and powerful assets that enable our clients’ to move efficiently towards their automation journeys.


Download Role of Machine Intelligence in Accelerating Automation today to learn more about the progressive adoption of automation and the increased application of machine intelligence ably supported by Capgemini’s Automation Drive Suite.