Diversity and Inclusivity

Capgemini sets a high value on the contribution of its people and recognizes that they should be valued as individuals. It recognizes that everyone has a different background and that each one of them can bring fresh ideas and perceptions, making the workplace more sensitive and efficient. Encouraging diversity enables Capgemini to reflect today’s multi-cultural society and the changing social and economic patterns in the workplace.

It is Capgemini policy and practice to encourage diversity at the workplace. Capgemini supports this by providing and promoting equal opportunities and treatment to all employees and candidates being considered for hire by Capgemini.

Capgemini’s Diversity Policy covers the element of ‘disability and reasonable adjustment’. The Disability Inclusion Program is detailed below: 

Disability Inclusion Program 

Capgemini is committed to equality of opportunity and inclusion and provides dignity at work and barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities. Capgemini India’s Disability Inclusion Program aims at providing a non-discriminatory environment to persons with disabilities at workplace such that they are able to gain access to employment, self-development and career growth.
The program takes a four pronged approach:
  • Accessibility: Removing barriers by providing accessible Infrastructure, IT systems, and reasonable adjustment to persons with disabilities
  • Career: Ensuring inclusion through non-discriminatory recruitment process, training, and HR policies
  • Engagement: Sensitizing employees on disability equality and disability etiquette to bring a cultural change
  • Evangelism: Promoting Inclusion in society through industry and customer connect
At Capgemini India, we follow the practice of voluntary disclosure of disability. In this direction, a Disability Self Identification Form enables employees to voluntarily disclose their disability/medical condition to seek any reasonable adjustment/assistance that they may require to work effectively at the workplace. Reasonable adjustment includes, but is not limited to, providing assisting devices or equipment, providing readers or interpreters, and modifying work sites.
To demonstrate our commitment, Capgemini India also marks the International Day of People with Disabilities every year where a host of activities are organized across our offices. We have established an internal employee resource group – Disability Inclusion Network which allows employees to learn, share and be part of the sensitization events and workshops organized through the year. 
Capgemini received the following marquee recognitions for its inclusive practices:
  • Honorable Mention- United Nations ESCAP-Sasakawa Award for Disability-Inclusive Business in Asia and the Pacific
  • 15th NCPEDP-Shell Helen Keller Award 2013- Role Model Companies
Research says that the major impediment to hiring people with disabilities is skepticism. For us, workplace inclusion means respecting and valuing the differing skills and experiences employees bring to the workplace. We need to respond to the additional challenges faced by some employees. We need to believe in the abilities of persons with disabilities, and ensure that they contribute to the organization and society on an equal footing.

To enable this, change in mindset is the key to inclusion of persons with disabilities! 

Diversity and Inclusion at Capgemini

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