Integrated Thin-Client Managed Services

Today, environmental sustainability and reducing exposure to volatile energy prices are joining the traditional priorities of reducing costs and downtime at the top of corporate agendas. Evolving work practices and workforce mobility also present a challenge to IT security. Our Integrated Thin-Client Managed Service helps you face these challenges.

Reap the Benefits of Thin Client

Thin client is an architecture that transfers processing, as well as applications and data storage, from the desktop to data center-based servers. Desktop devices are replaced by low-function, low-maintenance devices that have no local operating system to configure. These enable access to applications on virtually any platform.

Working with pioneers in the field of client virtualization technology, we offer Integrated Thin-Client Managed Services. Implementing this solution enables you to achieve significant reductions in:
  • Cost: save on total cost of ownership (TCO) with lower energy bills, hardware costs and support and management requirements
  • Complexity: ensure IT security and manageability, and enable more flexible remote access, thanks to desktop virtualization and thin-client technology
  • Carbon footprint: implement greener IT through reduced energy consumption, longer intervals between technology refreshes and more environmentally friendly manufacture and disposal of thin-client devices. These savings increase if process power is supplied by our energy-efficient data centers
To see how a Thin-Client architecture can contribute to a greener workplace, please visit the interactive Green Office.

Going Thin with Capgemini

Using a structured process that encompasses assessment, solution design and implementation, we work with you to allocate the most effective device to meet your business needs and objectives. We offer:
  • Flexible, controlled migration: implementing a thin-client architecture at a pace that suits your needs
  • Easily scalable infrastructure: drawing on our experience deploying leading-edge technology, we can open and close offices, add or delete whole blocks of users, or even transfer entire departments. The process is much easier and more scalable than with an architecture based on conventional PCs
Our thin-client offer can be integrated into other solutions such as Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and Data Center and Infrastructure Services.

A Strong Track Record in Thin-Client Computing

We collaborate with leaders in client virtualization such as Citrix, Sun Microsystems and VMWare to provide thin-client managed services. We have extensive workplace services deployment experience with a proven track record of supporting over 1 million desktops worldwide.
In collaboration with Sun Microsystems, we have deployed thin-client devices across several European Capgemini service centers.

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