Insurance All Channel Experience

Capgemini helps insurers build consistent, seamless customer experience across channels to enable rich and proactive relationships with customers.

The Insurance All Channel Experience - The Experience in Practice

Client Challenges

Price competitively

Manage pricing across all channels to provide value for money to customers and intermediaries, driving increased sales.

Connect elegantly

Create and maintain a personal and relevant dialogue with individual customers and markets, across communication and distribution channels, to learn more about them and improve conversions.

Engage regularly

Manage high-quality, rich and inspirational digital content across all distribution channels and touch points. The objective is to drive higher customer engagement with the insurer and its intermediaries as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Transform effectively

Understand your customers to develop the vision, proposition, business model, roadmap and business case to deliver to the customers’ needs.

Measure relentlessly

Monitor and optimize the performance of your business across all channels to improve efficiency, enabling higher profitability and margins.

See completely

Use a single view of data for all strategic, tactical and operational decision-making to improve accuracy, avoid duplication and increase insight.


Capgemini’s Insurance All Channel Experience solutions can take insurance companies from an initial strategic roadmap all the way through to the underlying technologies needed to deliver a future-proof, integrated, multi-channel customer experience that the customers expect and provide the insurers with a competitive edge

Consulting Services

With our proprietary Insurance Digital Maturity Assessment Framework, an objective assessment can be performed on seven key areas. We develop a business case and transformation roadmap, define the end objective and a rationale for change and cite financial and non-financial benefits. We also evaluate the operating model of the insurer and suggest changes to achieve digital maturity.

Application Services

Capgemini can help insurers evaluate and implement the right technology platform to meet current and future needs. We provide enterprise integration services that enable seamless communication across all claims, policy and billing systems and leverage an agile methodology that results in accelerated time to deploy and market.

Other services include architecture analysis, custom solution development, implementation of third party software, and cloud orchestration services. Additionally, we can manage insurance applications to help optimize processes and lower the total cost of ownership.

Channel Services

We implement services specific to each channel of the insurer, comprising of contact center transformation, virtual agent desktop, mobile strategy, mobile applications development, online portal development, telematics and document management.

We also provide social media strategy and execution to enable social media listening capabilities.

Cross-channel integration of applications and processes enables insurers to have a seamless integrated presence across physical location, web and mobile to provide consistent customer experience across channels.

CRM and Analytics

With CRM and analytics for P&C and life insurance, insurers can have quick and easy access to customer information for better decision-making capabilities. An insurer can also monitor and analyze behaviors and outcomes in the spheres of marketing, pricing, next best action and fraud.

We have experience developing dashboards to provide a single view of customers and insights into operational and decision analytics.

Why Capgemini

Customer experience drives enterprise-wide benefits

Capgemini provides consistent and seamless customer experience across multiple channels and devices which enables richer, more proactive relationships with insurance customers. We support effective and streamlined quotation, renewal, and cross-sell processes to help insurers create new offers and build the brand.

Exclusive set of tools and practices

Our Insurance All Channel Experience Framework contains innovative best practices, including transformation and strategy roadmap, rapid design visualization and reusable technology assets. The ACE Insurance Maturity Model provides an external, objective assessment of an insurer’s current capability to deliver on customer expectations.

We assess an insurer’s current level of maturity across seven key areas across channels and work with key stakeholders to build a vision and roadmap which clearly defines the end goal and how an insurer can get there. The business case sets out the rationale for change, along with financial and non-financial benefits.

Deep domain knowledge and insurance expertise

Capgemini has over 400 insurance clients across the globe including 12 of the 15 world’s largest insurers. Our global insurance capabilities include over 5,000 dedicated insurance professionals, a world-class infrastructure that includes a Channel Center of Excellence and test labs to provide 'start up touch and feel' experience, and strategic alliances with leading vendors, Kony, Pegasystems, Thunderhead and Guidewire.

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