Mechanical Design & Simulation

Our Mechanical Design and Simulation solutions address the changing mechanisms of product engineering and R&D. We bring the advantage of new age digital technologies, specific engineering concepts and global engineering to build successful products.

Engineering and R&D Implications for Product Companies

Engineering intensive sectors today compete on three factors to build successful products while managing constrained R&D budgets:
  1. Right to Market: Build the right product with the engineered quality levels for the respective global markets and understanding the cost to value requirements.
  2. Speed to Market: Get the product to the market before the competition and responding to changing requirements in the process.
  3. Cost to Market: Containing the product development lifecycle costs by integrating engineering partners and focusing expertise on the right areas

High Performance End-to-End Engineering

Our Mechanical Design and Simulation solutions cover the engineering lifecycle, from concept design through to prototyping and cover all enabling technology and software requirements as well. Our goal is to build high performance engineering teams for our customers through the use of integrated digital technologies. Our solutions cover:
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Engineering Analytics
  • Engineering Software Development
  • Systems Engineering

  • Product Design
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • CAD, CAM, CAE Add-On applications
  • Adoption of MBE, MBSE
  • Virtual Validation
  • Design for Cost
  • KBE and automation
  • Systems Engineering representation of complex products
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Design for Performance
  • Expert Systems
  • Value Engineering and Performance Optimization
  • CAD Data Migration
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Engineering/ scientific/ visualization applications
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Asset usage optimization
  • COTS and custom application maintenance
  • Warranty analytics 
  • Should Costing


Predictability in Delivery of Product Innovation

As one of the world’s leading engineering services provider we know the importance of predictability in engineering and bring a continuous improvement mechanism to ensure first time right delivery. Our flexible engagement models are aligned to the customer’s global engineering strategy. Capgemini’s Rightshore®  approach brings the advantage of our global presence for an optimal mix of onshore and offshore engineering talent. 
To learn how our Mechanical Design and Simulation solutions can help you innovate faster and achieve more value for your R&D budget, contact our experts today.
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