Automation Hackathon: Applied Innovation Exchange, Utrecht

  • July 6, 2017 to July 7, 2017
  • Capgemini Nederland B.V., Reykjavikplein 1, 3543KA Utrecht, Netherlands

Automation Hackathon Utrecht

Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange, Netherlands is excited to announce a 24-hour Automation Hackathon on July 6 and 7.

Design and build innovative Automation solutions based on the Cortex Software-based Automation Platform.

Choose from any of the 3 themes:

Smart Buildings: Imagine a building that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems. A smart building is one that uses sensors, beacons and microchips, in order to collect data and manage it according to a business’ functions and services.

The Smart Store: What automation opportunities can you think of to help retail businesses optimize their sales, and customer loyalty? Can you help retail stores predict their clients’ next purchase or improve the availability and logistics of their goods?

Real-time Customer Insights: Can you think of automating business processes that are completely transparent while making the performance data available in real-time? How can you improve client- and end-user satisfaction by giving them an automated experience?



  1. Each team is required to submit their project via no later than June 24.
  2. Accepted project submissions will be given 2 minutes to pitch their project at the start followed by a 1 minute Q&A session.
  3. Your presentation format is up to you, but it is recommended to share a very brief visual, e.g. PowerPoint or a video. We will provide you with projection equipment.
  4. Hackers who can’t attend the closing event on July 7th will not be eligible for the prizes.



  1. How innovative the project is
    Includes the degree of innovation demonstrated using the automation platform, data sets and available hardware.
  2. User experience and design
    Includes how user-friendly and aesthetic the solution is.
  3. How well it works
    Includes the extent to which the solution does what it is supposed to do and how good the code is written from a performance point of view.
  4. Hot factor - Potential
    Includes how compelling the solution is and how likely people are to be excited about it.

In each theme you will be challenged to demonstrate a visually striking application of available data, hardware and platform. Your project will be judged based on Innovation, Relevance, Complexity and Quality (both the pitch as well as performance of the solution/quality of the code).



Day 1- Thursday, July 6th
16:00 - Opening BBQ
17:00 - Formal opening and keynotes
18:30 - Take off! Start hacking
21:30 - Health check, everybody taken off?

Day 2- Friday, July 7th
06:30 - Early bird work out & Breakfast
08:00 - Health check, everybody on par?
08:30 - Hacking
12:00 - Lunch, get ready for the final stage
13:00 - Hacking
15:30 - Project presentations
16:30 - Drinks & prizes



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