Capgemini at PegaWorld 2017

PegaWorld 2017 was a huge success for Capgemini with 1 client speaking session and 7 booth demos sharing rich content of PegaSystems technology expertise. Learn more about our cutting-edge solutions and gain insights into new ways to make extraordinary connect that deliver extraordinary results by accessing out content below.

Find new ways that deliver extraordinary results with Pega

Capgemini & Swedbank Breakout Session.


  • Digital Customer Experience Make the connections that make a difference


  • Digicare Engage in Patient Success!

  • Capgemini Connected Banking

  • Mark Peterson

  • Fabien Lamaison

  • Amiee Skiklai

  • Sidharth Kapila

  • Claees Timner

  • Ronan Souberbielle

  • Sree Vadakkepat

  • Nitin Athale

  • Subrata Pal

  • Carl Larsson

  • Mark Taylor

  • Poonam Thompson

Thought Leadership