Communiquer - 2013

  • June 22, 2013
  • The Atria Hotel No.1 , Palace Road, Bangalore- 560001 Karnataka | India
  • Atria Hotel, Hall-The Chancery
Process Consulting

Communiquer; sharing knowledge through Connect –Innovate- Resonate


Is an initiative by India process consulting team to bring together all like minded people, companies to understand and share knowledge in the platform- QUALITY, to bring in focus driven approach to this ever changing industry expectation, software delivery methodology and technological developments. The event provides a perfect stage to share process improvement journey and challenges faced in IT industry. It also helps to collaborate with leaders, experts and peers to discover innovative options for embarking on a transformation journey.
Capgemini, with its implementation experience in various quality framework and working knowledge on large & complex multi-vendor deals can help other partners to have an edge over their competitors, as the motive of quality in Capgemini is to bring together and bind the three pillars: people, process and tools to drive a success story with a unique business proposition for our partners in terms of aligning their business and process needs we create a win-win situation overall and nurture industry change and growth.