Fraud & Error 2013

  • May 21, 2013
  • One Great Georges Street Conference Centre, London, UK

Fraud & Error 2013, the second annual conference, looks at reducing and preventing fraud and error both locally and across government.


Detect, Prevent & Improve

With responsibilities for fraud and error somewhat uncertain at present, understanding how better collaborative practice can be applied is essential in order to reduce the £73bn that fraud costs the economy. Fraud and Error 2013 offers delegates the chance to debate, explore and examine in great detail the recent developments within this contemporary field.

On the day, the National Fraud Authority’s Director of Knowledge Edward Nkune will discuss the detection and prevention of fraud and the Fighting Fraud Together Strategy, which focuses on collaboration between as individuals, businesses, public, private and voluntary bodies to detect and prevent fraud.

Time to Close the Tax and Revenue

The game has changed since the onset of the financial crisis. Governments aiming to reduce budget deficits can only deliver so much through spending cuts. It is now even more vital that tax agencies ensure individuals and businesses pay the tax they owe, and that welfare fraud and error are minimized.