NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016

  • February 10, 2016 to February 12, 2016
  • Mumbai
  • Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz (East) Mumbai, India, 400 055 | event map

NASSCOM's flagship event - India Leadership Forum (NILF) is a microcosm of global thought leadership which is driving this change. Come February every year, over three days, thought leaders and global influencers congregate in Mumbai to address, deliberate and exchange ideas as we ride the next big wave.


Capgemini will be sponsering the Global Leadreship Awards night at NILF 2016!

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, the 2016 edition, is about creating opportunities, catalyzing collaboration and disseminating knowledge for leaders, influencers and the intellectual crème-de-la-crème. Over time, globally it has easily come to be recognized as a melting pot of leaders, thoughts, ideas and provides a sneak preview into a not-too-distant-future.

The three-day extravaganza, a mélange of keynotes, sessions, panel discussions, CXO Meets, Masterclasses, Un-conferences et al, seeks to align a diverse set of individuals and ideas under a commonly recognized theme, and sets about a definitive direction for future. Intense, as it may seem, the social evenings are a whole new experience with characteristic bonhomie doing rounds, as participants get to know each other and fructify the collaborative approach to running enterprises. 

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Srinivas Kandula, CEO India, Capgemini
Speaking on Global Talent Wars For Digital Artisans : Faced with global competition for talent in not only engineering and math, but also for design and business transformation, how will leading organizations attract the best and the brightest. Will best place to work programs be enough? More importantly, how will organizations retain and grow their existing talent?
Date: 11 February, 2016
Time: 1400 – 1500 hrs.
Salil Parekh, Director General Adjoint, Capgemini
Speaking on Strategy in the Digital Environment : Digital is here, and here to stay. Numerous discussions at a variety of forums consistently indicate that the industry is still grappling with making key strategic choices in the new Digital environment. Examples of critical strategic choices / questions include: What are the 5 big Digital bets one should make, based on the discontinuities being created by Digital? How should one remain relevant and differentiated given the evolving competitive landscape? What learnings, from other industries that have been ‘fully’ disrupted by Digital, can inform the build of a new Digital business? What services / offerings / products are ideally suited to succeed in the Digital environment? How should one organize around Digital? How should one manage a 2-speed business, given the significant entrenched positions with existing customers and offerings? We believe there is an urgent need across the industry
Date: 11 February, 2016
Time: 1400 – 1445 hrs.


Grand Hyatt Mumbai
Off Western Express Highway,
Santacruz (East)
Mumbai, India, 400 055