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  • February 5, 2016
  • San Francisco, California
  • Broadcasts streaming direct from the Fan Energy Zone Powered by SAP, set in the heart of Super Bowl City in San Francisco.

We believe that your business will never be the same again.


The new reality is that business and technology are inextricably linked.


They live symbiotically. Informing each other. Inspiring each other.


Technology is evolving, fast. Your business will respond and thrive... or wither as others grow.


We think differently about digital innovation. We see the essential nature of the challenge, and work side-by-side with you to realize the full potential contained within this new world.


We help you see a clear picture of your digital future, and help you harness new ways of thinking and emerging technologies to take you there.


The real world solutions we create together open up a limitless world of possibilities. Competitors fall away. Markets expand. Your business is reshaped for success.


The future opens up before you. The game has changed.

Are You Ready?

Capgemini is excited to partner with SAP to bring you #SB50Disrupt: 5 days of live-streaming shows from the Fan Energy Zone Powered by SAP, located at Super Bowl City in San Francisco.

Disruption is the name of the game in a digital economy. Businesses today need agility, speed, and proficiency to enhance their productivity, competitiveness, and overall business performance. Together with SAP, Capgemini is helping companies today to adopt, apply, sustain, and excel at digitally reinventing their business at an enterprise scale.

Join Us Live Right Here

Join us on Friday, February 5th as our top thought leaders and customers participate in four live shows on game-changing technologies and the power of disruptive innovation.

Watch our broadcasts live right here on this page and be sure to join in the conversation on Twitter, Periscope and Facebook with #SB50DISRUPT.

The New Era of Digital Services

Discover how autonomics serves as a central nervous system for companies to transform into a digital enterprise.

Live at 9:00 am PST, Friday, February 5

Your hosts:

  • Gerry Leitao, Vice President CSS, Application Management, Capgemini
  • Tom Ivory, Head of Strategic Innovation for Managed Services, Capgemini

Fortune 1000 organizations have traditionally outsourced the development and management of their application portfolio to service providers in offshore delivery models. As the value of labor arbitrage decreases because of diminishing cost benefits, organizations are shifting their attention to digital labor. The new value drivers for service delivery are speed, quality, and predictability enabled by intelligent automation platforms.

Autonomics has arrived as a vehicle to achieve these new value drivers and serves as a central nervous system for companies to transform into a digital enterprise. Capgemini launched an Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service that leverages best of breed technology partners to integrate and extend Application Performance Management with business automation and orchestration to create a new digital service delivery model. The first phase of Capgemini’s Autonomic PaaS focuses on business automation for operations built on SAP. Together Capgemini and SAP are leading this new era of digital services.

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Navigate Business Investments in Diverse Economic Climates

Learn how C&J Energy Services procured technology to enhance business profits and productivity even when market conditions were not the best.

Live at 11:00 am PST, Friday, February 5

Your host:

  • Steven Carter, CIO, C&J Energy
  • Rob McKay, SVP, Application Services, Capgemini

C&J Energy Services is a leading provider of well construction, well completions and well services to the oil and gas industry.

C&J had experienced rapid growth, in large part through a large number of acquisitions. As a result, the C&J landscape included multiple systems in different lifecycle stages across business areas causing both system and data silos across the organization. This resulted in several inconsistences, including absence of an end-to-end view of core business processes, difficulty accessing complete and consistent data due to multiple “shadow” systems with multiple “versions of the truth.” Organization structures with inadequate integration led to system redundancies, duplication of efforts, increate IT operations and maintenance costs.

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How to Apply Innovation for Success

Discover how you can apply innovation to reach a differentiated and leading platform—with speed, scale, safety and surety.

Live at 1:00 pm PST, Friday, February 5

Your host:

  • Lanny S. Cohen, Global Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini

Today the pace of innovation is in hours and days, not months and years. As the sources of innovation expand exponentially, the focus is no longer about the availability or access to innovation; it is on how to apply, adopt, sustain and become proficient at innovation on a global enterprise scale.

It is agility, speed and proficiency with which clients respond and apply innovation that will ultimately enhance their productivity, competitiveness and overall business performance. Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange helps clients not just to discover innovation, but to be fully informed and plan for the various technology and business shifts that are confronting their business.

Join Capgemini’s Global CTO, Lanny Cohen, for an engaging discussion about how you apply innovation to your business.

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Digital Transformation: Business Imperative or Urban Legend?

Join the discussion on the real value of digital enablement across various business functions and what it takes to realize the benefits of a successful transformation.

Live at 3:00 pm PST, Friday, February 5

Your hosts:

  • Eric Yuan, VP, Capgemini NA SAP Alliance Leader
  • John Clark, VP, Capgemini NA Service Line Alliance Leader

There is no disputing the impact digital technology is having on organizations across every industry. From cloud computing, big data, to social networks and now the Internet of Things, the business landscape has been re-defined. In order to increase agility, innovation, competitiveness and customer experience, enterprises must rethink their digital strategies. Or do they? Is it out with the old and in with the new?

Join Eric Yuan and John Clark as they share insights from clients that are making the journey to digitally transform for success.

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