Solving Credit Card Fraud Challenges with Hadoop - Joint webinar with HortonWorks

  • October 11, 2016
  • Time: 8.30 p.m IST or after on demand


A joint solution by Hortonworks & Capgemini focused on Credit Card Fraud


The Global Credit Card industry is rapidly changing and the participants are increasingly facing new challenges with exploding volumes, regulatory pressures and new entrants competing for the market share. The industry has responded to these challenges by looking at avenues to cut costs, increase efficiencies and provide better, safer products and services to attract new and retain existing customers. To help our customers address this challenge, Hortonworks and Capgemini are collaborating to create a suite of Credit Card Analytics solutions designed to enhance decision making by leveraging all of the data available including customer data, transactions, third party data, open data, government data, location data, social data, etc.



Arindam Choudhury, Capgemini
Vamsi Chemitiganti, Hortonworks

Join Hortonworks and Capgemini as they discuss:

  • How the joint anti-fraud solution can support your business throughout the entire credit card transaction life cycle
  • How we can help increase fraud detection accuracy using Predictive analytics and run it real time
  • Why leading organizations are choosing Hortonworks Data Platform as the platform of choice for fraud detection