Webinar: Sticking to a Progressive Game-Plan

  • June 10, 2014
  • Online

Join us to  hear how Ferro, a Cleveland based manufacturer of technology-based performance materials, contracted with Capgemini to undertake a transformation of key operations even as the company was going through a crisis brought about by a major bet on solar conductors that wasn’t successful in the market.

Learn how the two companies came together to upgrade the financial application environment and bring about process change during a time when everything was in flux. Hear about a partnership that has delivered early and then sustained results, while Ferro went through its own period of change. We will discuss the lessons learned from this experience for your own outsourcing and process transformation journey.

June 10th at 11:00am ET, 4.00pm BST


Phil Fersht
Founder and CEO,HfS Research

The Presenters:
Jeffrey Rutherford
Chief Financial Officer,Ferro

Mike Small
VP, Head of BPO America Sales, Capgemini

Charles Sutherland
Executive Vice President, HfS Research