Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2013

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For the past few years, we continue to demonstrate our solid progress in corporate responsibility. Some of our key achievements include the following:
  • Launching our Supplier Diversity Program
  • Our Global Outsourcing Business ranked 4th in the Green Outsourcing Survey measured by the Blakc Blook top Green Outsourcing Vendors survey
  • Improving literacry in India by establishing support for 22 libraries in both urban and rural schools across India through our partnership with the Naandi Foundation
  • Building on our in-house Carbon Accounting and Sustainability Reporting approach to develop a service we are now providing to our clients
  • Growing employee engagement via our internal social media platform Yammer which boasts over 53,000 profiles
  • Supporting clients, such as GrDF in France, Environment Agency in UK and Phillips, address their own sustainability goals