iBabs Paperless Meetings

Discover a new era of flexible and paperless meetings: iBabs is the only tool you need for simplified meeting planning and preparation, available directly from your tablet or laptop.

Paperless meeting with iBabs

Meeting Planning and Preparation in the Digital Era

For many companies, meetings require a significant amount of coordination: organizing participants and locations, e-mailing invitations and reminders, and printing and reading relevant documents. 
As a result, this process can often be: 
  • Time-consuming
  • Inefficient due to multiple planning tools and software
  • Wasteful as a result of significant paper printing and distribution
You need a simple tool for detailed meeting planning and preparation that can leverage all the convenience and flexibility of digital technology.

One App for Flexible, Paperless Meetings

iBabs is a full-feature, multilingual app that simplifies meeting planning and preparation via your tablet and laptop. 
Key capabilities include:
  • Simplified planning: Automated agenda seamlessly connects to your current mail system’s calendar and saves information for reuse.
  • Simplified preparation: PDF documents are attached as agenda items to which comments can be added directly.
  • Flexible meetings: Only relevant agenda items and up-to-date documents appear at participants, ensuring focus on content and interactions. 
  • Any device supported: iBabs is available on IOS, Windows 8 and Android devices.


  • Transparent cost structure for greater savings
  • More efficient, high-quality and environmentally friendly meetings for fast and accurate decision-making
  • High security thanks to ISO 27001-certified data center
  • Faster adoption due to independent platform, no IT intervention necessary

Experts in Administrative Decision-Making

We have many years of experience in administrative decision-making and support, which have shaped our development of iBabs. Today, more than 150 clients enjoy paperless meetings thanks to iBabs. 
We have clients in the following sectors:
  • Corporate 
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Government
  • Social Security
Ready to host your first paperless meeting? Use the free 30-day trial or contact us by email for a virtual demo today. 
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