Next Generation Service Assurance

Service Assurance is growing in importance. Traditionally it has focused on detecting faulty resources and then fixing or replacing them. This will will not be enough in the competitive marketplace. Customer and service focus is key.

A Progressive Road Map to Service Assurance Maturity

With its 3D Service Assurance offering Capgemini enables clients to approach this transformational shift from three different dimensions:

  • Ambition: from resource focus to improved operational efficiency, to service and customer focus to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Attitude: from reactive to pro-active
  • Reach: from service usage only through to the complete customer lifecycle

Each dimension can be pursued individually or in combination, depending on your organization's specific needs. Whichever approach you take, Capgemini has a holistic view of Service Management allowing end-to-end delivery of service fulfillment and monitoring.

A Customer-Centric Approach To Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Next Generation Service Assurance provides a customer-centric approach that maximizes customer satisfaction and brings operational efficiency:

  • Increased customer satisfaction leads to less churn
  • The ability to understand and to monitor the customer experience of the service you provide brings this competitive edge
  • The ability to identify root causes of failures is the key to an efficient fault resolution process
  • The ability to prioritize fault resolution based on customer impact, improves operational efficiency even further
  • Prevention of failures helps to improve the perceived quality of service and comtributes to both customer satisfaction and operational effiency

A typical NGSA project delivers tools that give direct visibility on the status of services supporting customers. This enables operators to prevent service disruptions and proactively manage their customers.

Service Assurance Implementation: Our Broad Experience

Some of Europe's leading telecom operators rely on us for their long-term service assurance delivery. Our best practice and proven experience is demonstrated through these select engagements:

  • KPN in The Netherlands selected Capgemini as their preferred supplier for its Service Quality programme based on the IBM Tivoli Netcool suite.
  • For a regional OpCo of a global mobile operator we designed and implemented a customer-centric Service Assurance system, based on OSI NETeXPERT.
  • For a large multi-service global provider we delivered a full suite of service assurance covering POTS, Mobile Core network , WDM/SDH and broadband services, based on TTI software.
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