Oracle Mutualized Support Solution

"Capgemini’s Oracle Mutualized Support offering provides all the advantages of the traditional application support model with additional benefits such as significant cost benefits, shorter lead times and consistent support processes." 
The offering is built on the foundation of a large pool of skilled Oracle resources that are co-located in an offshore location. These resources are shared across multiple customers. This allows you to pay only for the capacity you consume rather than pay for a full-time resource. The delivery model allows the flexibility to define the onsite- offshore mix.  The offshore capacity can either be fully or partially shared depending on specific customer requirements. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) govern the commitment to service quality irrespective of the resource model deployed.

Key benefits of Oracle Mutualized Support Solution

• Flexible resourcing: You can ramp teams at shorter notice from a common pool of skilled resources available for quick deployment. This is particularly useful in managing resource peaks during deployment and patch upgrades as part of support.
• Pool of skilled resources: Resources available in the mutualized pool support multiple customers at any given time which helps to collaborate, innovate and collate as well as follow industry best practices. 
• Operational stability: Employee attrition is effectively managed by resource back-filling and knowledge transfer. 
• Central knowledge repository: Typical issues and problems are centrally documented and are available to all teams in the form of a rich repository of scenarios and solutions.
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