Advanced Sales Analytics

Predict, Prioritize, Power


Advanced Sales Analytics for today’s high-tech sales pipeline



Predict outcomes and improve sales with Advanced Sales Analytics, an as-a-service solution that leverages Capgemini’s exceptional data mining techniques to identify opportunities and evaluate deals.


Opportunity in Analytics

Shifts in micro-economies and softening markets make it challenging to meet revenue goals, making it difficult for businesses to forecast how sales opportunities and transactions will evolve. More and more, businesses are turning to Big Data predictive analysis, now an essential tool that istransforming industries and driving value across a range of sectors. Many organizations, however, still struggle to take full advantage of the opportunity that predictive analysis holds.

The Power of Data Mining

Capgemini’s Advanced Sales Analytics (ASA) solution is designed to help businesses predict future outcomes and improve sales and marketing. ASA utilizes advanced data mining techniques to identify opportunities and deals that are likely to change in value over time.


  • Improved forecasting practices
  • Early warning of opportunity loss
  • Better business planning
  • Detection of region and market softening
  • Improved skills and performance

Exceptional Analytics

As a service provider, re-seller and co-innovator, Capgemini understands the high tech industry’s sales cycle like few others. With years of experience at the forefront of their field, our Data Scientists have created advanced algorithms that deliver game-changing insights for businesses and governments alike. Advanced Sales Analytics draws on this experience and leverages exceptional analytics capability to add certainty to transaction values and sales delivery timelines.

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