Identity as a Service

Capgemini’s Identity as a Service guarantees well-governed access across IT environments, creating a secure and seamless experience for improved business agility.

A Complex Landscape for Digital Access

Today’s workplace is quickly evolving, becoming more mobile and nimble. As applications move to the cloud and telecommuting becomes the norm for employees, boundaries blur and new threats arise. As such, access and data security across all platforms and devices have become new business imperatives. While IT decision-makers have traditionally created in-house Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions, they often have difficulty meeting budget requirements as well as quality and time constraints due to the complexity of product set-up.


Connectivity, Control, Security

Capgemini’s Identity as a Service delivers the connectivity, control and security that CIOs require. It leverages class-leading technology from RSA together with our expertise in consulting, integration and service management, to deliver a comprehensive, IAM solution. Whether hosted or on-premises, our solution is fully modular to ensure a cost-effective, phased and scalable transition from existing services.


  • Reduced risk of audit failures
  • Better visibility into user privileges
  • Protection against data breaches
  • Increased scope for reporting
  • Seamless workflows for request, approve, review and provision access
  • Enhanced business agility with simplified access and increased security

Unmatched IAM Expertise

With its FastTrack approach, Capgemini enables organizations to rapidly initiate IAM projects and deliver business benefits within weeks, rather than the months it takes with traditional methods.

Capgemini has more than 20 years of end-to-end expertise in delivering identity solutions. Backed by over 200 global IAM experts, we deliver 24x7 service with unparalleled insight into IAM efficiencies. Today, this very same system is used internally by our own 18,40,000 employees located around the world.


To find out more, please contact:

Mike Turner
Vice President, Global Cybersecurity Portfolio Lead.

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