Independent Verification and Validation: Specific Experience

Capgemini help agencies meet requirements and deliver quality results by providing an impartial and thorough view of complex programs. This allows early identification and mitigation of risks, along with actions to meet enterprise objectives.

Delivering Benefits to Government Agencies Through Capgemini’s IV&V Methodology

Capgemini understands government agencies need to operate with fewer personnel and under ever-increasing budgetary constraints. We work collaboratively with you to focus efforts on the IV&V activities that provide the most value based upon your specific needs, such as prioritizing issues, identifying critical risks and recommending realistic mitigation strategies based on real-world experience. We work with you to enhance the effectiveness of your agency, promoting operational success through an unbiased and thorough IV&V of your mission critical and complex programs and systems.

Large DOD Agency

Capgemini was awarded an IDIQ contract estimated at $88 million to provide IV&V services.

Results Delivered:

  • Assessments of performance metrics have resulted in tangible measures of value and benefit realization
  • Several architecture reviews significantly improved compatibility for external system interfaces to systems outside of the agency
  • Delivered comprehensive assessment of transition and sustainment strategies
  • Identified and delivered mitigation plans for several enterprise level risks

Relevance to DHS: DHS is currently undertaking several multi-million dollar enterprise programs. DHS will require organizations which are capable of delivering large scale IV&V services at both the project and overarching portfolio level. As DHS prepares for long-term O&M for new systems, validation of sustainment strategies may reduce long-term maintenance costs.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) Transformation IV&V

Capgemini supports the requirements validation effort for CIS Transformation.

Results Delivered: Capgemini has led efforts to assess the rollout, optimal usage, and on-going training for a requirements management tool and process.

Relevance to DHS: Strong requirements are a critical success factor for all programs. Capgemini has deep experience in development, management, and validation of complex requirements across incremental and big bang releases.

A Large Government Agency IV&V

Capgemini was competitively selected for a $100 million dollar effort to provide enterprise wide IV&V services for a large government agency’s IT systems.

Results Delivered: Capgemini will deliver full lifecycle IV&V services over the spectrum of organizational change management, process reengineering, and IT services.

Relevance to DHS: DHS will benefit from IV&V services that address the full spectrum of services around a proposed IT solution.

A Large State Tax Agency

The Capgemini team is providing IV&V services to the implementation of state’s new tax system.

Results Delivered: Capgemini’s resources are providing subject matter specialization in the tax and revenue domain, promoting a comprehensive IV&V of the implementation.

Relevance to DHS: DHS will benefit from IV&V services that are supported by a strong understanding of financial processes and Government laws and regulations.

An International Trade and Monetary Organization’s Testing Initiative

Capgemini supports this international organization with comprehensive testing efforts around financials, business intelligence, and human capital applications.

Results Delivered: Capgemini delivered its T-Map testing methodology across all enterprise financials, human capital, and business intelligence software applications to verify accuracy and quality of system functionality prior to solution delivery.

Relevance to DHS: DHS will benefit from the rigor of Capgemini’s testing processes and approaches—whether on site at DHS or via virtual test environments.

A Large Technology Solutions Provider’s Testing Center of Excellence

Capgemini was selected to train the company’s employees on leading practice testing approaches and to establish a testing center of excellence for the company.

Results Delivered: Capgemini’s service greatly improved the company’s testing maturity model. Capgemini established a testing automation center of excellence.

Relevance to DHS: DHS will benefit significantly from a testing center of excellence from which key programs can leverage leading practices, standardized processes, and shared testing services.

A Large Insurance Agency’s Testing Services

Capgemini was selected to help ensure a large insurance agency’s testing on its (now current) call documentation application was planned and executed with sound testing methods and processes. We are improving processes and procedures throughout the enterprise, building higher quality software, improving speed to market, and developing more efficient IT operations.

Results Delivered: Capgemini’s testing resources worked closely with the agency testers. We were able to enlighten them on what their specific risks and exposures were, and how to strengthen testing to meet their quality goals. We developed testing solutions that promoted stakeholder buy-in, created an automation template to assist in the estimating process, and improved quality of work through better test planning and documentation.

Relevance to DHS: DHS will benefit from a demonstrated ability to collaborate closely with our clients and share leading practices that are proven to lead to higher compliance, fewer defects, improved internal processes, and stronger stakeholder buy-in.

An International Work and Pensions Agency

Capgemini led comprehensive IV&V reviews that evaluate underlying technologies, change management, governance, and program/project management.

Results Delivered: Capgemini led comprehensive IV&V reviews that evaluate underlying technologies, change management, governance, and program/project management.

Relevance to DHS: Capgemini performed these iterative reviews in a concentrated period, demonstrating the ability to provide specialized IV&V skills with minimal ramp-up time.DHS will benefit from our ability to work across all levels of the enterprise quickly and efficiently, as we bring a proven capability in IV&V and history with DHS.

A Leading Aircraft Manufacturer IV&V

Capgemini was competitively selected to test all cockpit components for aircraft prior to flight.

Results Delivered: Capgemini’s service results in safe deployment of the manufacturer’s aircraft.

Relevance to DHS: Capgemini has deep experience with IV&V for complex technologies which pertain directly to several DHS mission systems such as southwest border UAVs, Air and Marine aircraft, etc.

An International Tax Agency IV&V

Capgemini was competitively selected to provide IV&V service for the business architecture, organizational change elements, and transition to a new technology platform.

Results Delivered: To date, Capgemini has validated the design for future business operations, the future state business model, and IT operating model.

Relevance to DHS: DHS will benefit from Capgemini’s lessons learned related to enterprise IV&V services across a near $1 billion dollar IV&V program. This program involves the IV&V of business, organizational, and information technology solutions.

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