Our Quality Assurance Program

Capgemini has extensive experience in Quality Assurance (QA) – especially with helping organizations develop and implement quality processes and through the provision of our  IV&V services support enterprise governance.

We take our own quality assurance very seriously. Capgemini is certified to the following relevant standards

  • CMMI Level 2, 3, and 5 appraisals
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 20000-1
  • ISO 27001:2005
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO 9001:2008

Our Quality Assurance program

We believe that the role of quality is increasing in status and business relevance. It’s no longer just a gate in the software development process. It is now, arguably, the top ingredient for business success for an IT organization, that begins far upstream in demand and requirements management and extends far downstream into production. There is no doubt that quality is a top CIO priority. 

We gather additional confirmation of our performance from our OTACE process, during which we survey customers to confirm the quality of our performance and levels of client satisfaction.

We deliver ongoing IDIQ and task order level quality assurance to deliver exceptional value for DHS. We understand quality control is a vital part in supporting and contributing to continual improvement of the services we deliver and the processes we utilize. Our approach to quality management includes both quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) activities. QA activities are designed to validate that our processes are adequate to meet objectives. Capgemini performs QC activities to validate conformance to quality standards, including a set of activities designed to evaluate a developed work product.

Capgemini’s quality assurance and quality control processes confirm compliance with our mandatory delivery standards and the selection of appropriate discretionary processes and procedures to meet the needs of DHS.

The OTACE Client Satisfaction

Our client relationship management process, OTACE, is a key factor that underpins our strong client relationships. Our aim is to deliver our service ‘On Time and Above Client Expectation’ (OTACE). Clients are asked early in the engagement to indicate their main expectations from our services based on a set of relevant indicators related to the type of service provided, the nature of the working relationship, knowledge sharing and qualitative factors. OTACE ensures that we understand our clients’ aims and objectives; it provides feedback throughout an engagement on those areas where we are doing well and, just as importantly on those areas where we need to apply improvements.

Capgemini has been provided CPAR ratings for programs at ICE, CBP, and DHS Office of Policy. Capgemini has received ratings of "Exceptional" for its performance across these programs.

Capgemini recently tracked more than 3,900 client engagements:

  • 90% of our projects were delivered on time
  • 97% of our projects were delivered at or above customer expectations
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