Capgemini Workbench for Integrated Approach to Operational Efficiency | Custom Solutions for India market

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Increasing business productivity across the enterprise

While increasing investments in technology to match rapid business growth, organizations accumulate multiple IT applications and platforms to manage various facets of their business efficiently. The number of processes being automated in an organization rises as the organization grows, matures and expands. As a result, every large organization spends significant time, money and effort in managing numerous systems and data following complex processes.

Capgemini Workbench is an integrated web-based application that brings together all the applications and systems used in an organization on one platform. This capability enables staff to use a single application to perform the entire range of tasks associated with their daily responsibilities. Apart from simplifying the nature of staff’s daily activities and saving time and effort involved in using multiple applications, the Capgemini Workbench can streamline and enhance a large number of processes. It induces a structured and integrated approach to operational efficiency as well as  productivity and delivers positive impact in areas such as communication, transactions and collaboration.