Capgemini’s Business Continuity Solution for Effi¬cient Business Operations | Custom Solutions for India market

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Overcome erratic network issues with reliable and scalable platform

Capgemini’s web-based, light-weight platform offering drives business continuity across diverse geographies with varied levels of infrastructure maturity when networks are unreliable, and even in scenarios with zero networks, by providing offline availability.

The solution enables industries that depend greatly on multiple supply chains, distributors, customers and other networks in the ecosystem, to ensure business continuity irrespective of unreliable links (for example, between manufacturer, distributor and retailer), infrastructure (connectivity infrastructure) and network. Industries such as retail, manufacturing, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), courier and cargo, logistics, third party logistics, transport, pharmaceutical, government sector and other sectors that work with multiple vendors and distributor networks, can leverage the solution to strengthen their business operations.