Driving Marketing Optimization through Digital Transformation in Consumer Products and Goods Industry

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Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) Solutions maximize marketing efficiency and effectiveness in the Consumer Products and Goods Industry

To succeed in an increasing complex, sophisticated  and knowledgeable market, the industry must shift to an innovative and customer- focused  marketing model. Current market trends have brought along new challenges and opportunities which force industries to transform to survive. A key driver is the need to identify the best use of increasingly limited resources to ensure that every marketing dollar is spent on the most effective campaigns.

Marrying Capgemini Consulting’s deep CPG industry expertise with Aprimo’s software, we have created the Consumer Products and Goods Vertical (CPGV) version of the Aprimo application. This version is tailored to address the business drivers currently faced by CPG companies. With each CPG vertical feature, Capgemini addresses the client’s business needs and provides required value