Salesforce Solutions

Get happy customers with Capgemini and Our people know your industry, are cloud pioneers and ‘social’ leaders. Rely on us to make you an inspirational leader in your industry when it comes to customer experience.

Transform and Become a Social Enterprise to Make Your Customers Happy

With and Capgemini, you will become a competitive social enterprise with redefined customer experiences, operational processes and business models.

By integrating the Salesforce SaaS platform,  we help you create new customer interactions in the ways they prefer, now and in the future.

Key features of our services include:

  • Coordinated customer views – all of a customer’s data in one place
  • Always-on customer service – consistency across all channels (store, ecommerce, customer services, phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Enterprise services blended with social networks for an even greater integrated environment for your customers and workers
  • Agility to launch new business ventures and bring new services to market

You can achieve end-to-end social transformation without disruption:

  • Give salespeople the tools to sell more
  • Enable marketers to go-to-market more effectively and faster
  • Witness customer advocacy like you have never seen before

Improving Customer Experience with Confidence

Building positive customer experience is much more than implementing technology. Capgemini takes a holistic end-to-end view looking at technology, process and business model.

  • In discovery sessions we share leading best practices and help you chart the possibilities for your organization
  • We do value prototyping to analyze your current situation and build the business case and the roadmap using our advisory capabilities and diagnostic tools
  • Then we start executing on the plan, we use a rapid, iterative methodology to deliver incremental innovation without disruption to your business

We use agile techniques and a SaaS platform that is adaptable and scalable to deliver enhanced customer experience across multiple channels. We often work with additional partners: Capgemini can act as a prime contractor, bringing together the people and components you need to deliver exceptional customer experience over any channel, without any additional management overheads.

How the Cloud and Social Work Together for Your Business

We've been system integrators of Salesforce since 2007 and have over 150 experienced and certified practitioners at our Salesforce Centers of Excellence. We implement Salesforce, a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service platform, so you can maximize positive customer interaction with market leading social enterprise products, such as Radian6 and Chatter. We integrate new customer experience models into your company’s systems and processes and supports you through the cultural change.

As one of the first system integration specialists to get to grips with cloud and SaaS, we are well positioned to help you tap into the the power of the cloud and social enterprise. We have built extensive services and skills, particularly for integrating cloud applications with legacy systems. Our consultants know what it takes to be successful in a digital transformation journey and ensure you can take advantage of new technology to re-envision customer experiences, operational processes and business models.

Our sector and social media experts have worked with hundreds of clients to develop new ways for them to conduct business, reach customers and share information across the value chain taking advantage of the latest technology innovation. You can keep pace with cultural change like social networking and technology trends so that you can hear, understand and react to the voice of the customer.

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