SAP for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME)

All the advantages of SAP, at a cost that fits your budget.

Maybe a full-blown SAP implementation costs too much for your company? With a smaller staff and a smaller budget — but all the same competitive pressures of a much larger company — what’s a business with annual revenues of $500 million or less supposed to do?

The answer is simple: Capgemini’s “out of the box” solutions for companies that want the power of SAP without the price tag. SAP for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME) are preconfigured, ready-to-go solutions, loaded with industry-specific templates, process flows, blueprints, frameworks, tools, and documentation.

You get a robust system that delivers business analytics and intelligence for informed decision making, integrated operating systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness, enhanced security, and better regulatory compliance. Perhaps most important, you’ll get the scalability you want to exploit opportunities for growth — all without breaking the bank. Because an SME solution works in your business from day one, you realize a bigger, quicker return on investment: a fast strategy for your fast-moving business.

Mid-market enterprise solutions built for you and priced for you

  • CRESCENT — for Consumer Products and CRESCENT for Wholesale Distribution companies are SAP-Certified “All-in-One” solutions that industrialize the way that we integrate complex systems, while offering businesses tools for reaching objectives quickly. These include industry reference models and solution templates; reusable tools such as layouts, interfaces and reports; ready-to-go test scenarios and scripts.
  • EnergyPath — for energy services companies is a SAP-Certified "All-in-One" solution that includes pre-designed configuration with industry-relevant templates to support a rapid implementation. The solution is currently supported by a team of more than 45 dedicated resources.
  • RapidPath — for medical device companies is a SAP-Certified “All-in-One” solution which is a stable and robust “out of the box” environment that’s up and running in 100+ days. The solution integrates the disparate parts of a business into a coherent enterprise: perhaps best of all, the solution is flexible; it changes to it your future business.
  • Ready-to-Run — for discrete and process manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical and high tech companies — this solution includes 22 pre-configured business roles and 192 SAP business processes.
  • HCM EDGE — is a SAP-Certified “All-in-One” solution that includes proven formats for HR processes and organization structures and for reporting on a single database, including simplified user interfaces to accelerate adoption and training.
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