SAP Global Deployment

If you’re extending SAP in your global enterprise, how will you accommodate regional and local statutory requirements, customs and practices, yet still leverage all the advantages of a “global standard” solution? The right partner makes all the difference.

The right approach to global deployment — one that includes an understanding of SAP in the context of global, regional, and local business processes and legal, fiscal, and regulatory requirements — begins with your choice of implementation partner.

We deliver the “best of both worlds”

When it comes to global deployment, we see the forest and the trees, the importance of enterprise consistency and the value of regional and local adaptations. Our approach balances everyone’s interests and needs to deliver a global solution that truly supports the whole business.

  • Our own global infrastructure gives us deep experience in managing virtual teams, working 24/7 in coordinated implementation processes.
  • We drive the timing and staging of a global deployment logically, taking into account not just enterprise strategy but also local preparedness. In answering the questions — “Who goes first, by business function, business unit, or region?” and “What functionality makes sense, and when?” — we collaborate with the organization’s leaders and stakeholders to ensure that the deployment supports growth, consolidation or expansion, and overall operating efficiency.
  • As recognized leaders in implementing SAP, Capgemini has developed methodologies and tool kits that make our approach highly productive and flexible. Our skills in global data standards, cleansing, transformation, migration, and consolidation are recognized by industry and technology analysts.
  • We incorporate “checks and balances” to reduce risk and ensure quality. A project management office, leveraging Capgemini’s Global Center of Excellence standards and practices, provides end-to-end visibility of activities, roles and responsibilities, implementation status, and resource allocation and use. Through strategically deployed change management and end-user training initiatives, we make sure that the business is ready to maximize the potential of a global SAP system.

Every global deployment is different

No matter the shape and size of the enterprise, no matter the deployment “scenario” — whether a start-from-scratch implementation, an extension of an existing global template, an expansion of SAP functional footprint, or a need for post-implementation support — we understand the variables that make your global project unique.

Our “industrialized” approach brings efficiency, cost control, and risk management to your global deployment. Our understanding of SAP, your business, and your industry assure the user satisfaction, performance improvement, and quality you expect from Capgemini.

Wherever you need to go, we’re already there

In six global delivery centers, more than 2000 Capgemini SAP professionals stand ready to deploy SAP, while maintaining the solution’s integrity through the use of proven, standardized procedures, best practices, tools, and implementation guidelines. Our own organization puts us close to end-users, everywhere in the world, while enabling a deployment approach that’s productive, flexible, quick, and cost-effective.

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